Saturday, 4 February 2012

Feel free to shoot me.

Yes I know. I'm SORRY okay. But the thing is, since New Year's I have been a really, really happy person.

Apart from the work and the inevitable fighting with my folks and someone I used to know bitching and UCAS creeping up on me, I've basically been smiling non-stop since the beginning of 2K12 (am I still allowed to say that . . . ?). BUT. I don't want this to become one of those annoying teeny life blogs that just talks about A-levels and exes and parents and says "Oh Lord I'm so tired 6th form is hard I need coffee all the time".

SO. I hereby renew my marriage vow to you, O Holy Reader, that I shall give you a post TWICE A WEEK. I did so well in December. January was crap. I'm sorry, but every relationship has its ups and downs and I'm hoping we can just put that one behind us.

I'll even agree to go to couples counselling, if you want.

Just please, stay with me. I need you.

You are the mother of my children.

Oh dear Lord. That's how tired I must be. I'll probably regret posting that in the morning, like those drunken texts you make which seem witty at the time but are really just embarrassing . . .

Okay I need to go to bed. And so goodnight unto you all. Lusms.

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