Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Supposedly the meaning of life. I’m not so sure. I think humanity has let itself down a wee bit. I was thinking the other day, we have wars and stuff. No other species do that, just like no other animals murder children or pollute the environment. I mean, I know cows do, but they can’t help it. Anyways. What I’m trying to say is that humans have a responsibility, as the most intelligent creatures on this planet, to act with a little integrity and look after it. Something we are failing at dismally (cue angry discussion about the oil spill).

Anyways. But then I thought, there’s good stuff too. Have you ever watched little kids finger painting? They get quite into it. It’s sort of cute. And music. Humans make the best music, in my humble opinion. Whales and dolphins do it OK but on the whole I tend to go with Ella Fitzgerald or REM. And warm summer evenings in the park with pizza and friends. Snowball fights and home-made birthday cards and catching leaves as they fall, amber and crimson, from trees in a dense forest all make life worth living. I remember sitting on a cliff top in Portugal watching the sun go down over the Atlantic. The ocean was blue and green and red and orange and gold all at once, and it really was something to see. Sometimes it’s pretty good to be human.

So as I was thinking about all this I made a resolution. I’m going to try to see good in everything and be happy about the little things in life. I’ve always found that being cheerful is much more fun than being sad. Whenever I feel grumpy or sorry for myself I’m going to think of something that makes me happy, like star gazing or Hampstead Heath or chocolate and banana crepes. Maybe along the way I’ll figure out the meaning of life. I’ll let you know if I get anywhere.happiness


Anonymous said...

'we'd love to be unhappy...but we never do have the time :)'

mark1994 said...

I think this is exactly the way how to be and stay happy all the time.
I mean you ars just creating your own happy situation by thinking about nice things.
But don't you think you will not get lost by switching, let me say, the "movie"?